Dance to the Demon's Whims

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Icon Episode Title Summon.pngDance to the Demon's Whims


100019 01 base portrait.pngLokiHeavens, but it is SO hard to find useful toys these days.

100019 01 base portrait.pngLokiThe mere thought of having used Satan for my amusements makes me want something bigger and more exciting— something positively sinful!

100019 01 base portrait.pngLokiAnd when it comes to playthings with the power to match Satan's, it has to be... Ah, but I wonder if they will meet with me now as they did back then?

Shortly before the Satan Incident
North Grastaea
A Town at the Base of a Mountain

100052 01 base portrait.pngSurtrO eb taom rji duqit ug sierj! Bp gkebid datfi evtudd rji ietrj!    
I am ruin the sower of death! My flames surge across the earth! (Deciphered)

100019 01 base portrait.pngLokiNow THAT is just the kind of boastful nonsense I expect from one of the Five Archdemons. It's truly wonderful!

100052 01 base portrait.pngSurtrPua eti Kulo pid? O reli or pua jeci vubi jiti ru vukkivr?    
You are Loki yes? I take it you have come here to collect? (Deciphered)

100019 01 base portrait.pngLokiYes, that's quite right—and I am MOST appreciative of your understanding in the matter.

100019 01 base portrait.pngLokiNow then, if you would be so kind...

100051 01 base portrait.pngIblisI understand. Now let's go put an end to this vulgar, ugly world!

100050 01 base portrait.pngAsuraForm is but a void, and thus the spiral of strife eternal.

100049 01 base portrait.pngJaldabaothSuch is the truth of all creation we seek. A manifestation of the absolute order I have wrought.

100019 01 base portrait.pngLokiNow then, Lilith. You're the last.

100047 01 base portrait.pngLilithYou...

100047 01 base portrait.pngLilithHe hee! Oh, but it HAS been a while! Even with that great new look, I knew it was you right away.

100019 01 base portrait.pngLokiIt is the height of honor to be spoken of in such a way by you, Lilith. And to see you in as good of health as ever delights me to my very core.

100047 01 base portrait.pngLilithDon't get carried away with the sweet words and foolishness, pal! I'll make you into candy and crush you between my teeth!

100019 01 base portrait.pngLokiA grim vision of things to come. If I have given cause for offense, I offer my sincerest apologies.

100019 01 base portrait.pngLokiBut I come to you as the Demonlord's messenger, and would be most grateful if you took that into consideration.

100047 01 base portrait.pngLilithWhatever.

100047 01 base portrait.pngLilithOh, fiiine! I'll do my very bestest for the the sake of Satan's revival, 'kay?

100047 01 base portrait.pngLilithUse my power well, now!

100019 01 base portrait.pngLokiI will endeavor to make careful use of it.

100019 01 base portrait.pngLokiThough Satan is now sealed away, the Five Archdemons could serve very well as my next playthings!

100019 01 base portrait.pngLokiFor I have not yet begun to exhaust my appetite for play! Aaaah ha ha ha!