Damage Diffusion

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Icon Buff 2050133.png Damage Diffusion is a buff that partially reduces damage taken by the user, and distributes the remaining damage evenly across the rest of the team.


When activated, Damage Diffusion reduces the damage taken by the user by 50%, and the remaining 50% is distributed among the rest of the team. The user does not receive any damage.

Conditions to activate

While the user has the Damage Diffusion buff, the following conditions must be met in order for damage taken to be blocked.

  • The user must take at least 2 damage from the hit.
  • There must be at least one other adventurer in the team, not counting the user.
  • The damage taken must NOT be the result of an affliction, nor can it come from debuffs such as Icon Buff 2020027.png Creeping Corrosion.

If any of the conditions above fail, Damage Diffusion will NOT activate, and the buff that grants it will NOT be consumed.

Diffused damage properties

Diffused Damage is the damage distributed to party members after Damage Diffusion is activated.

  • Diffused Damage cannot be reduced, blocked, or dodged in any way, and ignores Icon Buff 1020020.png Shields and Icon Buff 1020031.png Life Shields.
  • Diffused Damage can deal fatal damage if a teammate's HP is low enough, and the Diffused Damage is high enough.

Self Appliers

Skills that apply Damage Diffusion onto the user

Name Adventurers with Skill Weapons with Skill Dragons with Skill
Icon Skill 317.png Protect Me, Peons!Lv. 2: This skill can only be used while the user has one or more ego gauge charges.

Consumes one charge of the ego gauge and grants the user 1 charge of damage diffusion (does not stack). If one or more teammates are located in front of the user, grants the entire team a team defense amp (MAX Lv. = 2). Otherwise, grants the user a defense amp (Team Amp MAX Lv. = 2). [4980 SP]
- -
Icon Skill 032.png Raven's PatsyLv. 2: Grants all team members other than the user 2 charges of reflexive evasion and grants the user the "Corvid Connivery" effect. Corvid Connivery grants 1 charge of damage diffusion, and does not stack. [5000 SP] - -

Chain Effects

Abilities with effects that activate upon receiving Damage Diffusion

Name Might Value Adventurers with Ability Wyrmprints with Ability Dragons with Ability Weapons with Ability
Icon Ability 1010005.png Raven's Vengeance I 80 - - -
Icon Ability 1010005.png Raven's Vengeance II 100 - - -