Costume Contest

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Costume Contest


110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieGather round, one and all, for our pulse-pounding, spooktastic Halloween Costume Contest!

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceThe contestant with the most Halloween-y costume'll be named the victor, and all the rest'll be sent straight to the dungeons.

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieYour judges today are of course myself, "Always Dressed for Halloween" Annelie, aaand...

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceMe, "Can't Turn Down a Job" Vice. ...Hold on, who's the wise guy?!

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieJust stick to the script! *ahem* Here comes our first contestant!

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieHe's the king of more than just costumes, and he's probably called you a vassal at some point—iiit's Xandeeer!

110022 02 base portrait.pngXanderHa HA! Or, er, ho HO! I am Saint Starfall! Who would like a present from the king himself?

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceLooks like this king missed the memo; I'm not seein' a lick of Halloween flavor. Smells like disqualification to me!

110022 02 base portrait.pngXanderNow see here, you rapsca—AAAAH!

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceSorry about that folks. I'm sure our NEXT contestant won't make the same mistake, right, Annelie?

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieAb-so-lutely. And here she comes now! Put your hands together for the mom of the Halidom, a girl with one heckuva wand arm—Cleooo!

100004 08 base portrait.pngCleoIs this all right? It feels a bit out of season.

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceIt's a knockout number, no doubt there— but I'm not getting much "Halloween."

100004 13 base portrait.pngCleoVery well. How about this?

100004 02 base portrait.pngCleoOr perhaps this?

100004 09 base portrait.pngCleoAh, I have this as well.

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceNothing Halloween-y about any of those either. But, er, how come you have so many outfits?

100004 06 base portrait.pngCleoOh, a certain princess has been sending them quite frequently of late.

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieHow about that, folks? A mom who still gets an allowance! Ha ha!

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceThat explains it. But you're still missing the theme, so... Dungeon!

100004 03 base portrait.pngCleoAnd after I brought all those costuuuuuuuumes!

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieLet's move on to contestant number three. He loves long walks in the moonlight, and he's got a knack for scaring kids. Give it up for...a suit of armor?

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieHang on, I know who this is!

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceDuh, it's Berserker. And he's just in his normal outfit! Does no one around here understand the word "costume"?!

110050 01 base portrait.pngBerserker?Deep breaths. Come on, you can do this! Left foot, right foot, l-left foot...

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceHold on a tick... Is that little Ricardt in there?

110050 01 base portrait.pngBerserker?You're okay. You're okay! Nothing can hurt you with this armor on. Not even these copious blood stains... EYAAAAAAGH! BLOOOOOOOD!

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceEr... On to the next contestant, I guess.

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieIs it still a costume if you're just wearing someone else's clothes? Guess we'll never know!

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieOur next contestant is no stranger to subterfuge, and if you mess with her, she'll give you the horns. Here cooomes Aoi!

110002 01 base portrait.pngAoiI call this little number "Sopping-wet Ninja!"

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceI don't know what I'm looking at, but it's not a costume.

110002 01 base portrait.pngAoiSure it is! You just need to think outside the box. Here's another one: "Raging Ninja!"

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceAoi, we've fought together. I know your ninja arts when I see them. Now get OUT!

110002 01 base portrait.pngAoiWaaaagh! Falling Ninjaaaaa!

110048 01 base portrait.pngVice*sigh* If I don't see an actual Halloween costume soon, I'm just gonna walk.

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieSounds like expectations are high for contestant number five! And this figure is completely shrouded in mystery... Even WE'RE in the dark!

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceSo, who are you?

120044 01 base portrait.pngMysterious PersonI cannot say.

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceRight. So what's your costume, then?

120044 01 base portrait.pngMysterious PersonAn enigmatic figure.

110048 01 base portrait.pngVice...Uh huh. Bye.

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceI'm starting to question if costumes even exist.

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieStay with me, we're almost done!

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieThe next contestant is our last of the day, folks!

110048 01 base portrait.pngVicePlease have a costume, please have a costume...

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieOoo, looks like your prayers have been answered, Vice! Mixing old-school Halloween vibes with a rustic aesthetic, here comes the Pumpking!

120083 01 base portrait.pngPumpkingGraaaargh!

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceI... It's...

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieVice?

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceIT'S AN ACTUAL HALLOWEEN COSTUME!

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceTHIS is what I've been waiting for!

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieI totally feel you. The pumpkin theme is executed to perfection, and the giant lollipop is a master stroke.

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceThis is the winner. Done.

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieYep! And not just because they're the only one left, no sir!

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceGive it up one more time for our winner, the true embodiment of Halloween—the Pumpking, everybody!

120083 01 base portrait.pngPumpkingGraaagh!

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieOh! They say they're going to work hard to live up to this honor, and not lose out to anyone, fiend or otherwise.

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceA consummate professional. Respect.

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceThat brings our Halloween Costume Contest to a close, folks. I've been Vice, your "Assassin Stuck in the Kitchen."

110275 01 base portrait.pngAnnelieDon't forget me! Annelie, "Master of Tricks AND Treats." See ya!

110048 01 base portrait.pngViceHey, by the way, who's actually in that costume?

120083 01 base portrait.pngPumpkingGragh?

The End