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Welcome to the Dragalia Lost Wiki! This wiki is run by the community of Dragalia Lost. If you wish to contribute to this wiki, please read through this guide. It will help us maintain the quality standards of this wiki for the community. If you have any further questions, feel free to message any of the wiki staff on their talk page or in the Discord #wiki channel. Thank you!

Creating a Page[edit]

Creating a page can be done through the above input box or by searching for a non-existent page using the search bar on the top right.

If the page already exists, you'll be redirected to it instead.

Editing Guidelines[edit]

  • Refer to Dragalia Lost Wiki/Update Day Checklist
  • Use proper grammar and spelling
    • Stick to American English, in order to be consistent with the game.
  • Don't vandalize pages
  • Avoid editorializing -- stick to facts
  • Use Quick Icon Templates when possible, in order to stay consistent with the rest of the wiki.

Style Guidelines[edit]

  • When indicating an amount of currency in a chart, use the Quick Icon Template (icon only) followed by a number:
    • Icon Diamantium.png 40
    • Icon Wyrmite.png 40
    • Icon Resource Mana.png 40
    • Icon Resource Eldwater.png 40
      • Additionally, values presented like this should be left-aligned, in order to align the icons.
  • When indicating an amount of materials in a chart, use the Quick Icon Template (text + icon) followed by a number:
  • When referring to a quantity of currency, materials, etc. within a sentence, use the Quick Icon Template (text + icon), with the number preceding it:
    • It will cost you 40 Icon Diamantium.png Diamantium to perform this action.
  • When indicating a number which is one thousand or greater, include the proper comma every third non-decimal digit:
    • 1,000
    • 1,500
    • 10,000
    • 27,500
    • If making a template that pulls from Cargo Tables, the magic word {{formatnum:}} can help parse values, e.g. {{formatnum:123456789.99}} produces 123,456,789.99.

Acceptable Date Formats[edit]

  • Most templates utilize the magic words {{#time:F d, Y h:i:s A e|}} and {{#time:F d, Y|}} and are thus able to accept a variety of formats which are parsed and stored internally as UTC.
  • The following are accepted: backslashes (2019/1/1), dashes (2019-1-1), most manner of timezones (+9, +9 hours. +0930, JST, GMT +9) and commas in the correct spacing (November 20th, 2019).
  • The following are not accepted and will throw errors: any dots as they cause non integer values, including dot spacing (2019.1.1) and specifying timezones in non integer (+9.5).
  • If no timezone is specified e.g. October 04, 2018 06:00, the syntax automatically assumes UTC.

Guide to Data Dumps[edit]

  • Data for creating most pages on the wiki usually are in the Diffs folder of the dump and called wiki_diffs.html.
  • The Monos and ParsedMonos usually have more in-depth data on mechanics.
  • The Sound folder contains new voicelines for released adventurers and dragons.
    • The ingame folder usually consists of voicelines during battle and combat, while the outgame folder mostly has lines inside the castle grounds and on their collection portrait.
    • Voicelines are kept in folders named after their adventurer or dragon ID. For example, the folder vo_chr_110386_01_in contains voicelines of the adventurer Myriam while a folder called vo_drg_210145_01_out contains voicelines of the dragon Gabriel. The IDs of dragons and characters can be found in the Category:Adventurer Images and Category:Dragon Images pages, or identifying characters by recognising their voicelines.
    • Which quote each line corresponds to can be found in the Template:AdventurerStories and Template:DragonStories pages. For example, the VO_CHR_110379_01_OUT_0014 file is Mona's line on entering a co-op room while the VO_DRG_200010_01_IN_0004 file is Chthonius' line upon using his Dragon Skill.
  • The Story folder contains new story data for that dump, mostly in the Stories.html file.
  • The Texture2D folder contains all new images and art for the new dump.
    • The _Unused folder contains smaller and technical images such as summon buttons, skill cut-ins or smaller ability icons.
    • The _Full-Screen_Art folder contains cutscene art during the story and events. (e.g., File:Raid0002 001 base portrait.png).
    • These files generally need some cropping or post-processing done on them before they can be uploaded to the wiki.
    • The _uncategorized folder contains other images including masking layers and dungeon layouts.
    • The Background_Art folder contains images of backdrops used during story episodes.
    • The Story Art folder contains portraits of NPCs, dragons and adventurers.
    • All other folders are mostly self-descriptive and will correspond directly to an existing Image category on the wiki.
  • Finally, if the file you are looking for isn't there, look for it in the jpmanifest.json file that contains all assets from the game at that point. While there are no folders, most file names are kept the same. Further detail on how to open and download these files is outlined in the Datamining page.

To-do List[edit]

High Priority[edit]

  • Reformat the Abilities page
    • Query size limits have been imposed to hold back the page's massive size.
    • This page seems to be inferior to Condition articles in the information provided, and in the ease of finding specific abilities. However, the term "Abilities" is very prevalent and likely to be searched by users. What should we do with this page?
  • For Extension:Math add CSS for background after MW 1.36 upgrade Canim (talk) 04:11, 29 July 2021 (UTC)
  • Update privacy policy.
  • Fix models that still use Poly and deprecate the template: Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:3DModel
  • Post-migration bug fixing
    • License images that currently lack a license. (List:
      • 1-4849 seem to be game assets. Need to go through everything after that to verify if game asset or not (e.g. .svg's are not)
    • Re-add TOC to long pages that need it, but currently lack it. It seems to not generate automatically anymore. (Is there a quick way to search for which pages don't have it?)
  • Tutorial pages for wiki contributors; start with Contributor's Guide.
  • Write EventType summary pages for Story Events, Coliseum Events, and Invasion Events Cloge clebeste (talk) 08:47, 18 February 2022 (UTC), and describe the mechanics of the event type. A changelog section should be kept to keep track of changes over the various iterations and a cargo query to display the events of that type we've had. See Raid Event and Facility Event for examples. Canim44 (talk) 00:00, 30 November 2019 (UTC)
  • Update all cargoqueries utilizing ExclusiveWyrmprint and ExclusiveWeapon to properly handle the list. Canim44 (talk) 00:00, 30 November 2019 (UTC)
    • Modify Module:ListParser with preferred tooltip display. Canim44 (talk) 00:00, 30 November 2019 (UTC)
  • Make MediaWiki:Common.css readable and in a coherent format. Related elements should be labelled and placed in close proximity.
    • Extension:CSS is being deprecated. Current use has been removed and future use should be avoided. Canim44 (talk) 00:54, 24 February 2020 (UTC)
  • In quests that offer revives, specify the # revives required for each survival bonus. (If possible: Add min/max drops)

Medium Priority[edit]

  • (Recurring) Check story pages and ensure that the correct character's portrait is displayed for each line. Sometimes the parser picks the wrong portrait, and it can only be fixed by manually checking the pages afterwards.
  • Convert older adventurer story pages to use Template:STDialogue (older event/campaign stories have already been converted).
    • Use the 2021_11_24_v2.14/Story/Stories.html file from this zip to copy the new {{STDialogue}} format for each story.
    • Important: you will need to manually check the preview output and fix any incorrect portrait IDs. These cannot be known deterministically by the parser.
  • Implement "info card" style CSS (such as on the List of Shareable Skills) onto other list pages: Adventurer List, Wyrmprint List, Dragon List, Weapon List.
  • Create a list page for weapon skins, listing fields such as: image, name, obtain, release date, and associated adventurer.
  • Resolve an issue where pages that use "PageHeader" templates are erroneously detected as orphaned pages (Special:LonelyPages).
  • Figure out what to do regarding this page: Wyrmprint_Obtain_Location_List. It's not very visible, seems to get little activity, and may mislead readers into thinking that the listed wyrmprints are only available as random drops.
  • Event archive cleanup:
    • In the Notes column for stories and battles, record the following:
      • Quest unlock requirements (example: need event facility at level 10)
      • Time restrictions (example: Omega only available on specific days; Story unlocks only after a specific time)
      • Friendship unit join times (example: Elias only "joins" after a specific quest, he is not available immediately when his event is started). For Compendium events, there is an initial join time and a permanent join time, due to the absence of a friendship system. Please note both of those times.
      • Notable rewards (example: event-specific wyrmprints, weapons, non-farmable resources such as honey, story read rewards)
    • For Raid events from A Waltz with Fate/February 2019 onwards, there is a daily endeavor that can be unlocked by maxing the free unit's friendship, or by waiting until a specific date. Record that specific date.
  • Create a page documenting the Cube boss puzzles, according to the info gathered in these reddit threads: ( (permission has been granted from the user that wrote those threads)
  • Find a way to auto-generate a tabber of Event Compendium endeavors. Once done, put this on Endeavors/Event Compendium.
  • Update daily bonuses for Avenue to Power, Avenue to Fortune, Elemental Ruins, Dragon Trials, and Imperial Onslaught
  • Manually evaluate Full-screen art files, and make them presentable for story pages: (
    • multi-piece art should be reconstructed to match its in-game appearance
    • art of small items in a box (gold apples, chocolate cake) should be cropped to that box.
    • art with large black portions, or visual oddities such as missing legs, should be cropped. The assumed intended visible portion is likely the top centered 865 × 760 portion of the images.
    • conversely, art that has no oddities should not be cropped (small & large Chronos scenes)
    • art that is long and scrolls (Monster Hunter feast scene) should be one large image.
  • UI/UX Updates
  • Update Template:NPCPageHeader to use a #widget. Currently buttons are not optimally styled.
  • Add |Enemy= field and related query to Template:CampaignQuestHeader.
  • Add missing text and voice lines to Category:Adventurer Stories pages.
    • Create a category to flag Stories pages with missing text lines or missing voice lines.
    • Category:To-Do Adventurer Stories automatically flags Stories pages with any missing story titles or content.
    • add 1st Anniversary and Halloween special lines. These seem to be the same across variants of the same character (e.g. all versions of Cleo will say the same line).
  • Add missing text and voice lines to Category:Dragon Stories pages.
    • Include battle lines where applicable (Maritimus, Gilgamesh, humanoid dragons, etc)
  • High Dragon Trial Detailed Information (Thresholds, calculations, strategy, etc.)
  • For skills, abilities, weapons, and dragons that list patch changes in their |Notes= section, link to the appropriate Version Changelog page for that patch.
  • Update Template:EndeavorRow to correctly display Weapon, Wyrmprint, and Sticker rewards. Workarounds for Weapons/Wyrmprints exist currently, but end up displaying extraneous brackets.
    • Similarly, update Template:Icon to display Stickers, so it can be used in Treasure Trade tables
    • How to fix the extraneous brackets: need to add the reward with the parameter Override=. A more elegant solution is to add a Type parameter to the template which calls the icon template with that parameter instead (weapon, wyrmprint ecc).
      • We have need of that more-elegant solution now. The EndeavorSet cargo table project isn't storing weapons and wyrmprints properly due to our manually calling the Icon template.
    • Template:EndeavorSetRow is able to handle this issue, and is used for all limited endeavors at this time (+ compendium endeavors). The regular EndeavorRow is used for non-limited endeavors, and should still have its functionality upgraded at some point.
  • Update Template:Wyrmprint info card to have dynamic sizing.

Low Priority[edit]

Update Checklist[edit]

All the changes and additions needed when a new update is live can be found here.

Useful Templates[edit]

To use templates, place the name of the template in-between surrounding braces e.g. {{NoticeUnderConstruction}}.


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