Coliseum Events

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Emerge victorious from the qualifying round against fiends to enter the big leagues where you'll square off in single combat against battle-hardened gladiators. Defeat each of these contestants to earn special rewards and move on to the next. Work your way up the ladder one by one until there's no one left to claim the glory of victory but you!

Coliseum Events were an event type in which players can fight waves of enemies, and engage in single combat against foes. Coliseum Event quests are restricted to solo play only. Fortune's Fray is the only event to be released under this format thus far.

Its primary rewards include Tomes and Consumable 100603.png Exquisite Honey.

As of December 2021, it has been announced that new Onslaught, Defensive, and Coliseum events will no longer be added, but existing ones will receive reruns at regular intervals or will be added to the Event Compendium.

Quest Types[edit]

Story Quests[edit]

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Coliseum Events include a prologue story (automatically played when first entering the event), with additional story segments unlockable with 2220805.png Tournament Chronicles that can be obtained through 2220802.png Prestige (Event Point) rewards. These stories do not need to be viewed in order to unlock other quests in the Coliseum Event. Instead, further quests are unlocked through obtaining 2220804.png Coliseum Maps, which are also obtained through 2220802.png Prestige rewards. They are in their own menu situated in a lower-central position on the map.


Fortune's Fray Prologue 03.png

Duels are special quests unique to coliseum events. These can only be played solo, and the player will control only one adventurer. Defeat the boss enemy to win the duel. If the adventurer's HP falls to zero, the player will lose the duel.

Progression and Rewards[edit]

Special Invitations 2220803.png[edit]

Special Invitations are a resource that can be used to challenge EX battles. They can be obtained as drops from Master-difficulty quests. They are consumed upon clearing the EX battle at a rate of one per clear.

Event Shop[edit]

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Coliseum Events have only one form of currency, 2220801.png Coliseum Crystals, which can be exchanged in the Event Shop for various rewards.

Event Point Rewards[edit]

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Each Coliseum Event features 2220802.png Prestige, a variety of Event Points that can be collected during the event. These points cannot be spent, but instead act as a score system, with rewards available depending on the total amount of points collected.

Event Points are available from all quests associated with an Coliseum Event, but tend to appear in large amounts from higher-difficulty battles. The amount of points gained can be increased by meeting certain objectives on certain stages, such as clearing within a certain amount of time, or taking fewer than a certain amount of hits.

Coliseum Event Archive[edit]

Name Type Start Date End Date
Banner Fortune's Fray.png
Fortune's Fray/January 2022
Coliseum 2022-01-13 6:00:00 AM 2022-01-21 5:59:59 AM
Banner Fortune's Fray.png
Fortune's Fray/January 2021
Coliseum 2021-01-13 6:00:00 AM 2021-01-21 5:59:59 AM