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Icon EnemyAbility 0034.png Berserk, sometimes called Berserk Mode, is a special effect used in the Legend difficulty of The Agito Uprising.


While active, Berserk will:

  • Drastically increase the boss's strength and defense.
  • Ensure the boss is in Overdrive at all times except Break.
  • Remove red/yellow action markers from some of the boss's attacks.
Boss Icon Ability 1020002.png Str (OD solo) Icon Ability 1020002.png Str (OD co-op) Icon Ability 1020002.png Str (Break) Icon Ability 1020003.png Def (OD) Icon Ability 1020003.png Def (Break)
201017031.png Volk 2x 5x 1x 4x 1.25x
201017041.png Kai Yan 2.5x 10x 1x 4x 1.25x
201017021.png Ciella 2.2x 1.15x 1x 4x 1.25x
201017011.png Ayaha & Otoha 1.1x 1.2x 1x 4x 1.25x
201017051.png Tartarus 2x 5x 1x 4x 1.25x

During Berserk, status resistances are set to the following:

  • Note that Icon EnemyAbility 0017.png Plague is overridden by Berserk's resistance values. Even if Volk is plagued during Berserk, he still cannot be afflicted by anything.
Boss Affliction poison large icon.png Poison Affliction burn large icon.png Burn Affliction freeze large icon.png Freeze Affliction paralysis large icon.png Paralysis Affliction blindness large icon.png Blindness Affliction stun large icon.png Stun Affliction bog large icon.png Bog Affliction sleep large icon.png Sleep Affliction frostbite large icon.pngFrostbite Affliction flashburn large icon.pngFlashburn Affliction shadowblight large icon.pngShadowblight Affliction stormlash large icon.pngStormlash Affliction scorchrend large icon.pngScorchrend
201017031.png Volk 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999
201017041.png Kai Yan 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999

However, Berserk also drastically increases the damage taken by the mode gauge from Force Strikes and Dragon Strikes during Overdrive. This special effect is multiplicative with all other effects, including the inherent Force Strike Overdrive modifier.

Boss Icon Ability 1020013.png OD FS modifier (solo) Icon Ability 1020013.png OD FS modifier (co-op)
201017031.png Volk 10x 5x
201017041.png Kai Yan 10x 5x
201017021.png Ciella 10x 5x
201017011.png Ayaha & Otoha 10x 5x
201017051.png Tartarus 10x 5x