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The Home Screen

Welcome to Dragalia Lost! This page provides a brief overview of the game menus.


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Title Screen[edit]

This is the screen which appears upon opening the game. Players can leave feedback and view or manage certain settings from here without entering the game. Upon entering the game, players are brought to the home screen.


The Home button brings up the home screen. This is the screen which appears upon entering the game.

At the top of all menu screens is a UI element which keeps track of Player Level and certain resources. These resources include:

  • Stamina - The resource used to play solo quests.
  • Getherwings - The resource used to host and join co-op quests.
  • Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite - In-game currency which can be obtained from completing quests and endeavors. It can be used to summon, refresh resources, and speed up Halidom construction.
  • Icon Diamantium.png Diamantium - Premium currency which can be obtained via buying with real money. It can be used in place of wyrmite, and is used to purchase items and packages in the store.

To the right of the resource bar is a gift icon where bonus items given by the game and developers can be claimed. Further to the right is the system menu, which provides access to:

  • Items - Views the player's resources, items, vouchers, and materials.
  • Player Info - View and edit the player's profile, sticker loadout, The Royal Regimen progress, and achievements.
  • Shop - a shortcut to access the shop.
  • Alliance - a shortcut to access your joined alliance.
  • Friends - view and manage your friend list, friend requests, and helper settings.
  • Help/Support - Allows players to view help documentation and FAQs, view part of their summon history, and allows them to leave feedback or contact support.
  • Options - Adjust various gameplay, visual and audio options, as well as data downloads, asset protection, language, and notification settings.
  • Other - provides shortcuts to Notices, Nintendo Account management, view the amount diamantium split between regular and bonus diamantium, configure the sending of crash reports and customized offers, and an option to return to the title screen.
  • Dragalia Life - Allows players to view the 'Dragalia Life' comic strips.
  • Adventurer's Guide - Allows players to view the 'Adventurer's Guide' comic strips, full of useful tips for newer players.

Additionally, from the bottom of of the Home screen, players can:


The Quests Screen
Main article: Campaign Quests

This brings players to the main quests menu where they can choose a quest type to access.

Campaign Quests[edit]

This brings the player to the world map. They can select any quests they have unlocked, switch between Chapters, and also switch between Normal, Hard, and Very Hard difficulties within this menu.

Special Events, Recurring Events, and Challenge Events[edit]

These menu options bring the player to specific quest types outside of the campaign itself.

  • Special Events are events that are currently ongoing and provide a different style of gameplay than normal, as well as providing great rewards to participants.
  • Recurring Events are quests that are available every day, and are intended to provide a way for players to easily obtain resources needed for upgrading their teams.
  • The Event Compendium is home to past events that may be accessed at any time, giving access to previously limited-time content, such as quests, wyrmprints, weapons, and stickers
  • Challenge Events are quests that are designed to challenge the player's team in increasingly difficult content, but they also offer valuable rewards.

Join Co-op[edit]

Main article: Co-op

Within the main quests menu, in addition to being able to join other player's games inside of the quest themselves, this button option, located at the bottom of the quests menu, allows players to find a list of open co-op rooms that they are able to enter. It also allows players to attempt to join a specific lobby by entering that room's ID number.


The Upgrade Screen
Main article: Upgrading Team

This menu option allows players to strengthen their adventurers, dragons, wyrmprints, and weapons. It also allows players to upgrade the mana circles of their adventurers, as well as craft or enhance weapons. It also displays the player's stores of Icon Resource Mana.png Mana, Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies, and Icon Resource Eldwater.png Eldwater here.


The Teams Screen
Main article: Team Building

The Teams menu option lets players view and edit their teams. A player is allowed 9 pages of teams, each page further containing 6 team slots, totalling 54, which they may customize themselves, or alternatively use the "Optimize" option to have the game create a player's team for them.

Additionally, this screen has a Collection option which allows players to view their entire adventurer roster, weapon inventory, wyrmprint inventory, and dragon roster. Players can also part ways with dragons from this menu.

New player accounts will have the following sample teams in teams 2-6 within the first page.

Icon Element Flame.png Flame "Team 2"

Icon Element Water.png Water "Team 3"

Icon Element Wind.png Wind "Team 4"

Icon Element Light.png Light "Team 5"

Icon Element Shadow.png Shadow "Team 6"


The Castle Screen

Castle Grounds[edit]

Main article: Halidom and Facilities

The Halidom serves as the player's home base. Various facilities can be built here on the Castle Grounds, which provide various buffs and resources. Upon reaching a certain facility level, players can increase the Halidom's level using Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies and various materials. This will expand the area of the Castle Grounds, allowing more room for facilities to be placed, and it is also a requirement for raising the level of the Smithy.

The Dragon's Roost[edit]

Main article: Dragon's Roost

The Dragon's Roost is a floating island near the Halidom where the player can interact with their Dragons. Gifts can be given to dragons to level up their bond here. Certain gifts will give an increased amount of bond experience when given to certain dragons. When a gift is given to a dragon, it will return Materials and/or Icon Resource Mana.png Mana as a gift of gratitude. A dragon's Dragon Stories will unlock when the dragon's bond reaches levels 5 and 15. A 201011001.png Sunlight Ore will be given when the dragon's bond reaches level 30.


There are three types of stories:

  • Adventurer Stories - Stories of adventurers who have joined the player. There are nodes in each Adventurer's Mana Circle which can unlock additional stories.
  • Dragon Stories - Stories of dragons a player has entered pacts with. Additional stories can be unlocked by raising bonds with the dragon as well.
  • Castle Stories - Special stories unlocked using 201008001.png Looking Glasses.


The Summoning Screen
Main article: Summoning

Summoning is one of the key mechanics of Dragalia Lost. To obtain new adventurers and dragons, players are required to summon through the Summoning menu using Icon Wyrmite.png Wyrmite, Icon Diamantium.png Diamantium, Consumable 10101.png Summon Vouchers, or be given free single or tenfold summons during a free summons event. Prior to Version Update 1.7.1, wyrmprints were also obtained through summoning.

Inside the Summon Menu, players will be able to view active summon showcases that features adventurers and dragons with a higher summoning rate than usual. Inside most summon sShowcases, players have 3 different options to choose from to start a summon: Daily Deal, Single Summon, and Tenfold Summon. All adventurers and dragons, with the exception of story adventurers, event welfare adventurers, treasure trade dragons, story dragons, void dragons, and event welfare dragons, are obtained via summoning.


Main article: Notices

This is where the developers will post news for the game which include updates, notices, events and promotions, and any technical issues. This news can also be viewed from the Notices page.


Main article: Endeavors

Endeavors are missions players can complete to receive various rewards. From the home menu, in-progress endeavors can be viewed. A history of recently completed endeavors can also be accessed here.

  • Daily: Endeavors which reset daily (6:00 AM UTC)
  • Limited: Endeavors which are available for a limited amount of time
  • Normal: Endeavors that are available to all players and can be completed at any time
  • Special: Endeavors purchased from the shop (e.g. extra story endeavors)
  • Quest: Endeavors for completing quests under certain conditions, of which there are three per quest

The Shop[edit]

Main article: Shop

The shop can be visited from the home screen or system menu of the game. In the shop, players may purchase various wyrmprints using Icon Resource Eldwater.png Eldwater, premium packages and Icon Diamantium.png Diamantium, collect premium daily rewards, trade in collected Treasure for rewards, perform an item summon, and purchase upgrade items using Icon Resource Rupies.png Rupies and Icon Diamantium.png Diamantium.

Once daily, players can perform a free item summon in the Upgrade Essentials tab of the shop, which will provide 10 random items from a list that includes almost all non-event-exclusive upgrade materials in the game.


Main article: Quests and Events

This brings players to a list of ongoing Quests that are available to them. Limited events such as Loyalty's Requiem will also be featured from the home screen if available.

Graphics Settings[edit]

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