Ascent to Eminence

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Event Runs[edit]

Event Overview[edit]

  • Event Type: Simple


Current Event Run Information[edit]

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July 19, 2021 06:00:00 AM UTC - July 30, 2021 05:59:59 AM UTC
Ends in:

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Quest Notes
Quest 1 Ascent to Power
Quest 2 Ascent to Fortune

Minimap Icon Boss BR 1.png Enemies Minimap Icon Enemy BR 1.png

Name Element Class HP Str Def Quest

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Ascent to Eminence (July 2021) Daily Endeavors

Ends in:

These Endeavors occurred from 2021-07-19 06:00:00 to 2021-07-30 05:59:59.

# Description Reward
1 Clear Ascent to Power Hustle Hammer.png Hustle Hammer x5
2 Clear Ascent to Fortune Consumable 100602.png Quality Honey x3