Accelerator Unit II

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Accelerator Unit II
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Using Mascula's initial skill, displayed at the top of his skill list, grants him a Strength Amp (Team Amp MAX Lv. = 3, Duration Extension = 15 seconds). After this amp is granted, this ability will not grant it again for 20 seconds.

Master Control (granted by his second skill) grants Mascula the following effects:
His standard attacks are buffed and deal additional blows to multiple nearby targets.
The fourth attack in his standard attack combo dispels one enemy buff.
His attack rate is increased by 6%.
When the combo count is 30 or higher, his strength is increased by 10%, his critical rate by 8%, and 8% is added to the modifier applied to his critical damage.

When Master Control is lost, the skill gauge for Mascula's second skill will be filled by 50%. Also, Master Control will be lost upon shapeshifting.
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