AI Behavior

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AI behavior refers to the actions of computer-controlled teammates, usually in solo play.


Story Maps[edit]

  • In story maps, AI will open treasure chests and proceed to the exit of the map.
  • AI will attack enemies if they are close by, but if the enemy becomes untargeted, the AI will try to move on without attacking the enemy.
  • If the room's exit is blocked by a blue fence or other obstacle that requires killing the enemies, then AI will pursue the enemies until the path is open.
  • AI will NOT prioritize breaking non-chest objects such as barrels/crates, nor will it attack sparkling trees.


  • If an enemy is targeted, AI will move until they are in range of their standard attacks hitting the target, then will start attacking. Ranged AI will generally not get any closer than this, even if they have a close-range skill (which unfortunately means they tend to not use the close-range skill at all).
  • If no enemy is currently targeted, AI will walk alongside the leader unit.
  • If no enemy is currently targeted in auto play, the leader unit will walk to the default coordinate of the map (usually the center, if it's a circular arena) and the other AI will follow them.

Avoiding danger[edit]

  • All AI who are not the leader enjoy 30% Icon Buff 1020010.png Damage Reduction, or sometimes complete immunity to certain boss mechanics (Kai Yan's Sun/Moon damage, for example).
  • If an AoE marker appears on the ground, AI will finish their current attack, then run out of the AoE. They will stand and wait on the edge of the AoE until it detonates, then approach the target again afterwards to resume attacking.
    • If multiple AoE's are overlapping, the AI's pathfinding to find an escape route may get confused, causing the unit to move erratically.
  • If a purple marker appears and the unit is unable to completely escape it, they will perform a dodge roll at the last moment. While a dodge roll by a human-controlled unit would not do anything here, the AI's dodge roll is special and has a random chance to negate the purple attack's damage completely.
    • However, the AI will NOT dodge roll if they are performing a skill when the purple attack hits, forcing them to take the damage in that instance.
  • If an attack has no AoE marker, AI may not recognize it, and proceed as if the attack does not exist. This can often lead to AI taking more damage.
    • examples: Volk's Ravenous Claws, High Brunhilda's Grand X-Muspelheim, Zodiark's poison pools. AI will stand in these, take damage, and make no attempt to escape.

Standard Attacks[edit]

For clarity, we will use the c# format for combos. For example, c3 means tapping the screen 3 times. Maximum combo length is c5 by default, but some units may have longer or shorter attack strings.

  • AI will generally try to use c5, provided the enemy is not in overdrive.
  • AI will NOT intentionally interrupt combos with dodge rolls like a player would. However, they can interrupt combos with a skill, if one is ready. They can also interrupt combos with a force strike.
  • For units that have enhanced standard attacks when taps follow a specific rhythm (examples: 100032 04 r05.png Gala Laxi, 110380 01 r05.png Sophie (Persona)), AI will match the rhythm every time.

Force Strike[edit]

When force strike is used[edit]

AI will start using force strike if any of the following conditions is met:

  • Enemy is currently in overdrive - AI will mix force strike (FS) into its combo rotations. The exact timing of the FS per combo seems to be random, though - AI can do any sequence of the following: c1FS, c2FS, c3FS, c4FS, or c5.
  • Unit has received a temporary force strike enhancement - For example, 110336 01 r05.png Delphi's enhanced FS. The AI will prioritize using the enhanced FS immediately if possible.
    • However, this also means that AI will NOT save the FS if it would be wiser to do so (for example, AI will not save 100004 01 r04.png Cleo's "dispel strike" FS for a time when there is something to dispel, meaning it may sometimes be wasted).
  • FS enhancement is permanent, and unit relies on FS for their playstyle - For example, 110335 02 r05.png Summer Patia will use only FS and never use standard attacks, as her skills' SP costs are balanced around just doing FS. Icon mode 012.pngIcon Weapon Manacaster.png Rapid-Fire Manacasters will follow similar behavior.
  • FS enhancement is permanent, FS can dispel, and enemy has a buff - This mainly applies to units that can use FS at any time to dispel, such as 110043 02 r05.png Valentine's Hildegarde, 110377 01 r05.png Joker, or 110059 01 r05.png Grace. They will start charging FS at their earliest opportunity until the enemy's buff has been removed.

Charging and mobility[edit]

  • Force strikes with multiple charge levels - AI will charge FS to the maximum level every time, even if doing so would cause them to be hit by an enemy's attack.
  • Force strikes that allow movement (such as 110366 01 r05.png Pinon's) - AI will actually NOT recognize that they can move, and will stand in place until the force strike has completed. AI will do this even if standing in place means they will get hit by an enemy's attack - they will make no attempt to dodge away.
  • Icon mode 012.pngIcon Weapon Manacaster.png Rapid-Fire Manacaster force strikes - AI will exclusively use the force strike to gather SP, instead of using standard attacks.
    • Like other movable force strikes, AI will NOT recognize that it can move, and will stand in place while firing.
    • However, unlike those other force strikes, rapid-fire manacaster AI will actually dodge roll to interrupt the FS if danger is coming.
    • If a skill is ready, rapid-fire manacaster AI will interrupt their force strike to use it.



  • If the lead unit uses a skill, the entire team is granted invincibility frames (i-frames) for about 1 second.
    • However, AI will not intentionally time skills as a means to i-frame enemy attacks. It can happen, but is always coincidental.
    • Skills used by non-lead AI will grant them personal i-frames, but not team-wide i-frames.
  • If multiple skills are ready, skill 1 is used first, then skill 2, skill 3, and finally skill 4.

Attack Skills[edit]

  • AI will cast the attack skill immediately, as long as they are already in range for the hit to connect.
  • If the enemy is not in range of the skill (example: long-ranged unit with a close-ranged skill, fighting a far-off foe), the AI will NOT attempt to move into range, and will simply ignore the skill until the enemy comes close enough for the skill to connect - at that moment, AI will use the skill.
  • For skills that change depending on the amount of taps the user does, AI will always perform the maximum amount of taps.

Buff Skills[edit]

  • AI will cast the buff immediately.
  • AI will cast buff skills even if they do not actually receive a buff by doing so. The prime example of this is the Agito weapon skill in quests with Icon Buff 2010011.png Curse of Nihility (CoN) - AI will cast the skill over and over since it is a buff, even though the buffs are nullified by CoN.

Healing Skills[edit]

  • AI will try to withhold healing skills until an ally is down to about 60-70% of their max HP.
  • If a heal has a buff attached, the AI may instead treat it as a buff and cast it immediately, regardless of ally HP. For example, 110257 02 r04.png Halloween Lowen's Icon Skill 029.png You won't trick me!.
    • However, AI will not always treat a heal with buffs attached as a buff. For example, 100004 01 r04.png Cleo's Icon Skill 031.png Ancient Aegis will be held like a healing skill, despite having a buff attached.
    • How a heal is treated by the AI (hold like heal or use like buff) seems to vary by skill.



  • Only the currently-controlled unit is capable of shapeshifting into a dragon.
  • In auto play, the AI leader will only transform if the "auto shapeshift" option is selected. They will transform as soon as there is enough dragon gauge to do so.
  • Adventurers with Unique Transformations, such as Dragondrive or Summon Partner, will automatically transform when on AI. See the Unique Transformations page for more details.


  • Once transformed, AI will immediately use the dragon skill.
  • After the skill has been used, AI will perform c3 (or whatever the dragon's longest-possible combo string is).
  • Usual walk-out-of-attacks logic will apply.

Special Exceptions[edit]

Certain units will have special AI scripts that may differ from what has been described so far.


  • 100005 02 r05.png Gala Alex and 110334 02 r05.png Gala Audric will fill their skill reservoirs to 2 bars before using any skills, then will use 2 skills in a skill chain.
  • If the foe is already Affliction flashburn large icon.png Flashburned, then 110334 02 r05.png Gala Audric will actively avoid using his skill 1 (which inflicts flashburn).
  • 110350 02 r05.png Formal Joachim will use skill 2 and then skill 1, if both are ready simultaneously. However, if only one is ready then he will use it immediately, and not wait for the other skill to become ready.
  • 100002 15 r05.png Kimono Elisanne will hold her skill 1 if the Icon Buff 2050065.png "New Year's Prayer" buff is already at its maximum value.
  • 110352 01 r05.png Tobias's skill 2 is effectively always ready, but he will not spam it.


  • 210162 01.png Gala Bahamut will not use his dragon skill immediately, and instead will attempt to upgrade it to level 3 with standard attacks. He will use the skill once it has reached level 3.
  • 210164 01.png Gala Chronos Nyx will not use his dragon skill immediately, and instead will attempt to charge his level 3 dragon strike as often as possible. The dragon skill will be used when his dragon time gauge has dropped below 50%.