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Upon being summoned
I'm right here with you
On Sortied
I'm right here with you.
On Entering a Room
Play a game with me.
When Quest Begins
Everything is going to be just fine. Let's get going!
I've got my dragonstone. Is everyone else ready?
Response to Beginning of a Quest
Right! And we're off!
Yep! I've got everything I need!
When Controlling Character in Quest
Tiki time!
When Receiving a Heal
Oh, thank you! I feel much better.
I'm all right now.
When Entering a Boss' Room
It looks tough, but we won't lose.
We'll win this one for sure! Let's do it!
Response to Entering a Boss' Room
Right! I won't let up until we've won!
Yeah! We'll all make it home together!
Upon Getting to Low Health
I'm not...hurt!
Keep fighting!
Upon Opening a Chest
Treasure?! Yay!
Any...sweets in there?
Boss on Low Health
Just a bit more! Hang in there!
It's getting weaker! Don't let up now!
Boss Enters Break State
It's off balance! Go, go!
Yes! This is our chance!
Rare Enemy Spawns
What's this? That's an interesting one.
Oh, oh! It's a rare one!
Upon Death
So lonely...
Upon Revival
I'm not giving up!
When Using Weapon/Shared Skills
Damage: I hurt you!
Buff Self: Uh huh!
Buff Ally: I'm with you all!
Debuff Enemy: I'll stop you!
Heal Ally: It's all right now.
Heal Self: I feel unstoppable!
Player Uses Damaging Skill
Oh, wow!
Simply amazing!
When Shape Shifting is Ready
My dragonstone is ready!
I have the power to protect everyone!
Shape Shifting into Dragon
I can be scary, you know!
Idle During Quest
*yawn* I'm getting sleepy again...
Are there any secret shops around here?
Quest Clear
I worked hard for this!
Quest Failure
But all my hard work!
Home Screen Walking
It's definitely time for a snack.
Where's Mar-Mar?
*yawn* I'm so sleepy...
I need to get stronger.
Is that another dragon I hear?
I don't want to go to sleep yet...
Home Screen Inside
I was alone for so long, and all I could do was sleep. I don't want to be that lonely ever again.
You think my dragon form is pretty cool? Well, thanks!
Mar-Mar is so strong, and super kind! I want to be just like him when I grow up.
Talking with everyone here is so much fun! Come on, pick a topic. Anything at all!
All my favorite foods are sweets! They never fail to make me a happy dragon.
If you ever write a song, I want to be the first to sing it!
Home Screen Portrait
Mar-Mar saved me from being alone. I owe him so much.
That's nice lady Mym is just like me. I wonder if she'll let me call her Mym-Mym?
I wonder if Ban-Ban is worried about me since I've been gone?
Fiends can be kind of scary. I hope I wasn't like that.
It's thanks to everyone here that I'm not lonely in this new world.
Collection Portrait
Pactstones, hm? They are sort of like dragonstones, I can feel the power of dragons inside them.
There are dragons that live in the ocean? Ew, that sounds salty and gross!
There are so many dragons here! I've met lots of new friends lately.
Let me know if you have a nightmare, okay? I'll come sit with you until you fall back asleep.
Everyone I've met in this world has been very kind. I'm glad I get to spend time with you all.
Limited Lines
New Year:
Giving Valentine's:
Receiving Valentine's:
Anniversary Lines
2nd Anniversary: It's been two years? I-I'll do my best to keep up with everyone.
At The Halidom
Need my help with something?
How'd you sleep? I had a really nice dream!
Oh, hi! Did you come to visit?
New Mana Circle Unlocked
I'm getting stronger!
On Mana Circles Fully Unbound
It's thanks to all my friends I was able to get so strong!

Adventurer Story Episodes

Episode 1

Scion from Another World

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Haaah!

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: That enemy's all yours, Tiki!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: You can count on me!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: ROAAAAAR!

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: I find it so reassuring to have the Dragon Scion fighting at our side.

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: Ain't that the truth! With her help, we'll have these fiends mopped up faster'n I can eat a ham sandwich.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Hee hee! Let's move on to the—

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Tiki, look out!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Huh?!

100010 05 base portrait.pngMym: I think not! Muspelheim!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Thank you, Mym!

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: You okay, Tiki?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Right as rain, thanks to Mym.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: I'm glad. And on another happy note, I think we're done with the fiends here.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Ha! We took 'em out like CHAMPS! Even though Tiki did get a weeeee bit careless there in her dragon form.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Oops! Sorry about that. But I'm still really grateful for your help, Mym.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: So long as you don't let your guard down next time, there is nothing to be sorry for.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: Heh. They're like a pair of sisters.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Sisters? Us?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Seriously?!

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Hmm, yes. The reliable older sister and the perky, yet open little sister.

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Plus they can both turn into dragons! Er, or turn into people? Never mind. You all know what I mean!

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: Hell, at this rate, they might as well go ahead and make it official.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to have Mym be my big sister for real!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Hmm...

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Er, don't you like the idea?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: It's not that I don't LIKE it. It's more that...

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Well, you're actually older than me, so isn't it odd for me to be considered the big sister in this relationship?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Oh, I don't think it's that weird. You're more mature than me in a whole lot of ways.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Your human form is incredibly strong, and you just know so much STUFF!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Also, you're kind, and you're beautiful, and your dragon form is super cute!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: So that, plus a million more reasons, is why you should be the big sister.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Normally I enjoy compliments, but this is being laid on a bit thick even for me...

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Besides, the idea of my family getting larger makes me really happy.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Huh?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: In terms of my dragonkin family, I have no one except old Ban-Ban.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Mmm, that's right. The rest of Tiki's kind—the Divine Dragons—all perished.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: (Her people perished...)

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: (We always have to say goodbye some day, but it's still so sad when the time comes...)

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: (I know the way to keep that feeling at bay is through meeting new people. So in that case...)

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Right, then! I've made up my mind!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: From this day forward, you will be the little sister of Brunhilda the Flamewyrm!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Yay! Thank you so much, Big Sis!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: No one's ever called me that before...

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: (It makes my heart race in a totally different way than being called loving names by my darling. I guess this is what it means to be someone's big sister.)

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Hey, Tiki? Would you call me "big sis" one more time?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Of course! Anything for my big sis!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: (Eee! So cute! I'm going to be the best big sister the world has ever seen...)

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Yo, Mym. You okay in there? You look a little lost in thought.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: All of you may ALSO refer to me as your big sister!

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Huh?!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Oh, that's great! Now EVERYONE is my brother or sister!

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Judging from how eager she appears, I would say Mym is going to make a lovely older sister.

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: Er, does anybody else think she's kinda gettin' the wrong idea here...?

Episode 2

Staving Off Nightmares

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Wh-where am I? I can't see anything. ...Ban-Ban? ...Anyone?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Eeek! Was that a beast's cry?! No... I can't handle the thought of becoming a beast and being alone...

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Please help me, Mar-Mar... Help me!

Unknown.png???: ...iki? ...Tiki? ...TIKI!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Mar-Mar!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Tiki! What a relief, you're awake.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Huh? Big Sis! Was I...dreaming?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Yes. And it was quite a nasty one, by the look of it.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Phew! Well, if it's just a dream that means I'm going to be okay.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Are you SURE you'll be okay? You don't look so hot.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: I'm all right. I just haven't had my scary dream in a while.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: This has happened before?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Yes. It's a dream where I'm alone and lost in a sea of endless darkness.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: I hear the sounds of a beast and feel as if I'm about to become one myself.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: A beast?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Yes. It's like I'll end up becoming a beast and attack people. Maybe even kill them.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: The dream is just so frightening, but I haven't had it a while...

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: You're strained and nervous and stuck in a totally unknown new world. A nightmare isn't unexpected.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: But so long as you're here in our world, I'll be sure to protect you.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Oh! That sounds like...

110291 01 r05.pngMarth: It's okay now, Tiki. I'll protect you.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: He said that to me, too.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: You mean Mar-Mar?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: You know his name?!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Well, you did scream it out during your nightmare.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Oh. That's...kind of embarrassing.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Not at all. It sounds like he's a special person to you; someone that you can truly rely on in hard times.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: He's all that and more! His real name is Marth.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: He helped me when I was all alone, and he woke me up when I was sleeping for such a long time!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: He's the reason I have friends now. He's the reason I'm not alone!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: It is not unlike what my darling did.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: You mean Euden?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Exactly. Oh, I put on a brave front about being on my own, but then he came along and melted my heart with his passion!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: I suppose he might have saved me in that way...

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: So he's like your brother, then?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Mmm, he's more like my soul mate. ...Eeee! I can't believe I said it out loud!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: What's a soul mate?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Well, it's the person that you were meant to be with. The one you SUPER like above and beyond anyone else in the world.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Oh, I'm the same. I SUPER like Mar-Mar!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Er, I think we might be using different definitions of the phrase "super like."

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: How so?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Well, when I think about my darling, I get an almost painful ache in my chest.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Ack! Are you having a cardiac event?!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: What? No! ...Although I suppose it is a sort of sickness, in a manner of speaking.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: This is terrible! We have to tell everyone!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Tiki, I'm fine. My heart may ache, but it is a HAPPY ache.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: I don't understand.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: When he and I are together, my heart pounds and I feel an ache, but it also makes me feel very happy and warm on the inside.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: I am filled to bursting with the strength to overcome anything for his sake!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: So when I say I "like" my darling, that is what I mean.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Yeah, I guess I don't understand. Not really, anyway.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: But I DO understand what you mean when you say you could overcome anything for someone you care about!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: That's why I want to get stronger and stronger for Mar-Mar!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: And I'm sure you will, for you are one of the bravest people I know.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Heh hee! Really? Thanks, Big Sis!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Still, I just wish Mar-Mar was here...

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Tiki, would you like to take a quick flight with me?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: A flight?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Yes! Let's both become dragons and soar through the night sky!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Wooow, that sounds like fun! Er, are you sure you have time?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Of course! Getting that kind of exercise is just the ticket for a good night's sleep.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: I know you're full of unease right now, but I promise that you WILL find a way back to your own world.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: But as long as you're here, your big sis is going to make sure you enjoy it!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: I'll take your worries and loneliness and punt them straight into the sun!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Yaaaay!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: THERE'S the smile I wanted to see. Now let's take to the sky!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Yay! I super like you, Big Sis!

Episode 3

A Family of Dragons

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Ah, perfect! If I may, let me bend your ears for a minute.

210004 01.pngJupiter: What is it, Brunhilda?

210003 01.pngMercury: What do you need?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: I have someone for you to meet...

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Hi, everybody! I'm Tiki!

210004 01.pngJupiter: Ah, the dragon from another world, yes?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: To be more accurate, she's a manakete. But yes, essentially.

210003 01.pngMercury: She's a cute little thing, isn't she? Well, it must have been quite the trial to come to a different world like this.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Yes, but I'll be fine so long as my big sis Mym is here!

210004 01.pngJupiter: Brunhilda? You're her...sister?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: In a manner of speaking, yes. That's why I'm making introductions— it seemed the sisterly thing to do.

210004 01.pngJupiter: Brunhilda is...an elder sister? Hmm.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Stow it, buddy! I don't have time for your skepticism! ...Ahem! Right then. Time for some proper introductions.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Tiki, the cheeky one there is Jupiter, and the nice one is Mercury.

210004 01.pngJupiter: I say, that's hardly necessary!

Unknown.png???: Things certainly are lively here.

210005 01.pngZodiark: And who might you be, little one?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: I'm Tiki!

210005 01.pngZodiark: The one from another world? Well, you certainly have lots of vim and vigor.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: That's because I'm having a great time with all the dragons in this world!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: I told my big sis Mym I wanted to make lots of friends, so she's helping me do it!

210005 01.pngZodiark: I'm sorry. Brunhilda is your...sister?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Ugh. Please not this again. Just introduce yourself already.

210005 01.pngZodiark: I am called Zodiark the Shadowwyrm. I am he who waltzes in the black! I am darkness incarnate!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: ......

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: That's the same tired line you used when you forged your pact.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Try it again, maybe—and be friendlier! You're scaring poor Tiki half to death.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Zodiark is just like my Ban-Ban! Hee hee! Can I call you Grandpa Zod-Zod?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Can you call Zodiark...

210003 01.pngMercury: Grandpa...

210005 01.pngZodiark: Zod...Zod.

210004 01.pngJupiter: Aaaah ha ha ha! I LOVE IT! Ol' Grandpa Zod-Zod!

210005 01.pngZodiark: What is behind your desire to give me such a name, child?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Well, you're kind of like Bantu, and I call him Ban-Ban!

210005 01.pngZodiark: And is this Bantu your grandfather?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Yeah! Well, but he's a fire dragon, so he's a little different from me.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Her only family in her home world was a manakete named Bantu.

210005 01.pngZodiark: I see. In that case, I suppose you may call me whatever you see fit.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Really?! Thanks, Grandpa Zod-Zod!

210005 01.pngZodiark: Although...

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Yes? You seem a little shocked there.

210005 01.pngZodiark: Nothing like that, I assure you.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Now I have more friends AND a bigger family! It's great!

210003 01.pngMercury: A dragon family, eh?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Do none of you have family?

210004 01.pngJupiter: I've never really thought about it. I've always lived carefree on my own.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: I've been much the same—though ever since I met my darling, my family plans for the future have been growing.

210003 01.pngMercury: As for me, the people of Saint Lotier are all my children.

210003 01.pngMercury: But in terms of a "dragon family," I can't really picture one.

210005 01.pngZodiark: There are all manner of dragons as well.

210005 01.pngZodiark: Though there may be those like Simurgh who praise the bonds between a parent and a child, there are others who want nothing to do with such things.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Do YOU have any family, Grandpa Zod-Zod?

210005 01.pngZodiark: I know not if it would be suitable to call them family, but I do have some who are quite dear to me.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Oh, good!

210005 01.pngZodiark: Good?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Yeah! Being alone is so lonely. Trust me—I know all about it.

210005 01.pngZodiark: Ah, indeed.

210004 01.pngJupiter: I can't say I really understand what all of this "family" stuff is about...

210004 01.pngJupiter: Which is why I'll join yours so I can finally understand what's going on!

210003 01.pngMercury: Would it be all right if I joined in as well, Tiki?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Of course! I want the huuugest family that I can possibly get!

210004 01.pngJupiter: Well, you've got a big sister in Brunhilda and a feeble old grandpa in Zod-Zod. In that case, I will beeee..

210004 01.pngJupiter: A cool older brother, maybe?

210003 01.pngMercury: Then I suppose the title of "mother" falls to me.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Well, this is all just fantastic! ...Oh, and before I forget, Tiki is older than all of us.

Together: WHAAAAAA?!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Yep! She's super ancient—although now that I think on it, Zodiark miiight be older than she is, maybe?

210003 01.pngMercury: Geez! Looks like you're MY big sister, Tiki! Sorry about that.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: What?! Big sister?!

210004 01.pngJupiter: Oh, and your adorable little brother would like you to get some dragon fruits from Cleo, please. 'K thaaaanks!

210003 01.pngMercury: Jupiter, you must not speak to someone above your station in such a disrespectful tone. It simply will not do.

210004 01.pngJupiter: Are you kidding me? She's THRILLED to dote on her cute little brother! Riiiight?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: I'm so confused right now...

210003 01.pngMercury: Don't worry about that troublesome one, Big Sister. Here, let me give you a wing massage.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Ummm...

210004 01.pngJupiter: Noooo! I want dragon fruuuuit!

210005 01.pngZodiark: You two, I swear...

Episode 4

Father Dragon

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Miiiidgardsooooormr!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: If you're awake, show yourself already!

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: What need have you two of me?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: We want you to join our family!

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: ...What?

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: ...I see. You are all pretending to be part of Tiki's extended family.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: No "pretending" here—we ARE family! And it has nothing to do with blood or other relations—it's a matter of the heart.

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: And what would you have me do?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Um, well, Mym is my big sister, and Zod-Zod is my grandpa...

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Mercury is my mother and Jupiter is my little brother, soooo...how about you be my father?!

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: A father, is it?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: I guess you can be another little brother if you like the sound of that better?

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: No, it's not that. I simply wondered if it might not be more suitable for Zodiark to assume the position of father.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: I told you, he's my grandpa!

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: Yes, of course. How foolish of me...

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Come on, FATHER! It suits you! You've got that cock-of-the-walk thing going on, after all!

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: Does that serve as a reason?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: It sure as heck DOES! Right, Tiki?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Yeah! Don't you like it, Father?

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: Heh. I suppose one never knows what will happen when you live a long time.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Right? You can even end up with a whole new family!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: I've lived a long time, so it's always really lonely when I have to say goodbye to my friends and...and...

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Oh my gosh. I'm going to leave this world. I'll have to say goodbye to all of you.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Tiki...

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: Speaking of saying goodbye... You've certainly changed, Brunhilda.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: What does THAT mean?

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: I never thought of you as one who would embrace the title of an elder sister.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Why does everyone find this so weird?!

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: I mean no offense. You have simply never been fond of partings, and yet you are assuming a large role in the life of one who will soon abandon this world.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: I've made progress in that area since I met my darling!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: I'm not going to be worried and hesitant forever!

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: Very well. I will go along with this plan. But if you are to be sisters, I insist that you fulfill your duties to the very end!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Yeah, we KNOW, Dad! Geez...

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Okay, no more fighting!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Aren't you embarrassed to be fighting in front of your child?!

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: Oh, er...

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Tiki, where did you hear something like that?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Mother Mercury said it, and I think she's right!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Now make up—both of you.

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: Heh... Ha! AAAAH HA HA HA HA!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Okay, you were grumpy a second ago, so why are you laughing?

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: Heh heh... Goodness me. I've simply never been scolded in such a fashion.

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: You truly have the spirit of a princess. And as an apology for showing you such an unsightly side of myself, I shall grant you a magnificent boon.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Reeeeally?!

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: I have oft heard that it is a father's duty to indulge his children, so—

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: HORSEY RIDE! HORSEY RIIIIIDE!

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: Horsey...ride?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: That's where you pick me up and put me on your shoulders! All the fathers do it.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: So if you're granting fine boons and stuff, I want a horsey ride.

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: Very well. I will keep my promise. You may ride my shoulders.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Yaaaay! Thank you, Father! You ride up here too, Big Sis!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Wait, me?!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Yeah! It'll be a sign that the two of you have made up.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Then shove over, 'cause I'm gettin' on!

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: You cannot be serious.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Oh, I'm serious as an anvil, buddy.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Hee hee! Now THIS is the way we should all be getting along!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Still, I wonder how much longer I'll be able to be with everyone...

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Did you say something?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: N-no! Nothing!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Right then! Where should we have our dear old father take us?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Hmmmm...

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: I realize I promised to fulfill this absurd request, but let us at least attempt to keep it at a reasonable distance.

210001 01.pngMidgardsormr: Still, I suppose this "father" thing is not altogether unpleasant...

Episode 5

Sisters Forever

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: What an incredibly fun show that was!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Where do you want to go next, Tiki?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Whooooa... What a pretty sea!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: There's a great spot where you can see some pretty scenery right here!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: My goodness, so many people... Oooo! Let's check out that cafe, Big Sis!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Those baked goods DO look delicious...

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Where to today, Tiki?

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: Man, she's really takin' this more seriously than I thought.

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: It's like we are witnessing an entirely new side of Mym.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: And Tiki is clearly quite attached to... Oh dear. Something seems amiss.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: I told you, I'm fine! Don't worry about me!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Tiki, wait!

100003 01 r04.pngRanzal: Uh oh. Looks like trouble in sisterville.

100006 01 r04.pngLuca: What'd you do, Mym?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: I didn't DO anything! I just invited her to go somewhere like always!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: She was always happy to travel before and even invited me places, but now...

100004 01 r04.pngCleo: The strange thing was, I felt like she DID want to go somewhere with you.

100002 01 r04.pngElisanne: Has aught changed between you two?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: I don't know. I don't think so?

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: I'm going to check on Tiki.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: I'll come.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Maybe you should leave this to me.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: All right, darling. If you think it best.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: ......

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Mind if I sit next to you?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Sure, I guess.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Did something happen with Mym?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: No. I mean...she didn't do anything wrong.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: I was wrong. I just... I got lonely.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Lonely?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: I used to think about Mar-Mar and Ban-Ban and it would make me lonely.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: But once I had people in my life again— once I had Mym—it was all good.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: But I know we're going to have to be separated someday, and thinking about that makes me lonely all over again.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: And the more I make happy memories with Mym, the bigger that feeling of loneliness becomes. It...scares me.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Does Mym know about any of this?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: No. I thought it would upset her, so I didn't say anything.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: I'm actually a little brother AND a big one, so I think I understand how you both feel.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: I get the feeling of not wanting to trouble your older siblings, as well as wanting your little sister to tell you everything.

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: Maybe that's just what it means to have a sibling.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Hmm...

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: So why not tell Mym your worries?

100001 01 r04.pngThe Prince: I'm sure she'll accept and understand them—she's really enthusiastic about being your older sister, after all.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Okay. I'll tell her.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Maybe I was a bad sister...

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Mym! Big Sis!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: T-Tiki?!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: I'm sorry!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Huh? Why are you apologizing?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Because I ran off in a huff instead of talking to you.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: I love being with you. It's SO fun!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: But...I was getting lonely thinking about how I'd have to leave you.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: ......

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: It was like the more fun we had, the more lonely I felt. And...

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: So that's what it was.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: M-Mym?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: I'm just glad you don't hate me.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Of COURSE I don't hate you!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Well then, it's my turn to apologize.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: I also get lonely when I think about having to say goodbye to you.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: That's why I wanted to make as many memories as possible while we had the chance.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: That way I wouldn't be as sad when you had to go away.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Aw, Mym...

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: *sigh* It's been a while since I've felt lonely like this. But it's always been my nature.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: I guess we're alike in that way, huh?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Yeah! It's funny, though—when I talk to you, my loneliness vanishes.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Same here. I guess we should've talked to each other sooner!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Then from now on, the two of us will stop worrying on our own.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: When sisters share the weight of their sadness, it increases their happiness!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: And that's why our goodbye won't hurt so much—because we'll be all full up with that happiness.

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: I'm glad you were able to be my little sister, Tiki.

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: And I'm glad I have you, too! Oh, but wait...

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Oh no! Did you just remember something I did wrong?!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: No, that's not it! It's just... Um...

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Can I try being the big sister next?

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Only if you promise to spoil me every chance you get!

100010 04 r05.pngGala Mym: Sound like a plan, Big Sis?

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: It sure does!

110360 01 r05.pngTiki: Oh, I can't wait! We're going to DOUBLE our sister memories!