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  • Tiki is not a Dragalia Lost original character. She originates from Intelligent Systems' Fire Emblem video game franchise, first appearing in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, and also appears as a summonable Hero in the mobile game of the same franchise, Fire Emblem Heroes.
  • Tiki will sometimes mention "Mar-Mar" or "Ban-Ban", nicknames for her friend 110291 01 r05.png Marth and protector Bantu respectively.
  • Regardless of which Dagger she has equipped, Tiki's 3D model will always appear to hold her Dragonstone. As such, she also cannot use the Weapon Skin feature - her Dragonstone will overwrite it.
    • Tiki is the first unit to have this trait that does not also wield a Wand.
  • Unlike most Adventurers, Tiki does not say the names of her skills when she uses them. Instead, she says "Stay away!" when using Divine Wings and "I'll do what I want!" when using Dragon Valor or Divine Dragon Blow. She shares this trait with the other Fire Emblem Heroes collab characters: Alfonse, Veronica, Marth, Fjorm, Sharena, Peony, and Chrom.
    • When in Divine Dragon form, Tiki simply roars when using Breath of Fog.
    • These quotes match some of her special trigger quotes in Fire Emblem Heroes, but from multiple versions of herself. "I'll do what I want!" is from Tiki: Legendary Dragon, while "Stay away!" is from Tiki: Dragon Scion. Similarly, her quote upon transforming, "I can be scary too, you know!" is similar to a special quote used by Tiki: Dragon Scion.
  • Tiki's skills Dragon Valor and Breath of Fog share their names with skills in Fire Emblem Heroes. Breath of Fog initially appeared in Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, several years before Heroes.
  • During her release banner, Tiki had a starting featured appearance rate of 0.8%, rather than the usual 0.5% for featured Adventurers. 0.8% is usually reserved for summoning Dragons, so this may be a reference to her being a Manakete.
  • Tiki's unique combo in her human form is incredibly weak. This is a reference to Manaketes' human forms in the main Fire Emblem games, as they tend to have very low base stats before transforming into their dragon form.
  • Tiki has a unique victory animation, where she will pose with her hands behind her back.

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