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On Sortied
I'm to take on a new mission? Understood.
On Entering a Room
A joint operation? Very well.
When Quest Begins
Move out!
Are your preparations complete?
Response to Beginning of a Quest
Understood. Commencing operation.
I await your signal.
When Controlling Character in Quest
Assuming command.
When Receiving a Heal
I shall continue the fight!
You have my gratitude.
When Entering a Boss' Room
There's the enemy leader! Finish them here!
All forces, engage! We claim victory here!
Response to Entering a Boss' Room
Yes! Let's make our bid for victory!
We will triumph this day!
Upon Getting to Low Health
I'm not dead yet...!
I'll show you my mettle!
Upon Opening a Chest
Those may be useful.
Spoils of war...
Boss on Low Health
Don't get careless!
Show them no mercy!
Boss Enters Break State
The decisive moment!
Rare Enemy Spawns
That foe is strange. Keep your guard up.
Don't let it escape!
Upon Death
I-I must withdraw...
Forgive me...everyone...
Upon Revival
Resuming command.
When Using Weapon/Shared Skills
Damage: You'll go no further!
Buff Self: I will turn the tide.
Buff Ally: I have your back!
Debuff Enemy: Behold my strategy.
Heal Ally: Stand tall.
Heal Self: This isn't over yet.
Player Uses Damaging Skill
A laudable display.
Leading by example, are we?
When Shape Shifting is Ready
I feel the dragon's power!
The dragon is ready to engage!
Shape Shifting into Dragon
Destroy them, dragon.
Idle During Quest
I shall take stock of our provisions.
You may rest, but stay alert.
Quest Clear
Mission complete.
Quest Failure
We're out of options. All troops, retreat!
Home Screen Walking
I'll be running combat exercises later.
I must go over our tactics.
Still time for some night drills...
This is a land of plenty.
I wonder how the motherland fares...
I must be ever vigilant...
Home Screen Inside
I will never forget my comrades who died before achieving their goals.
My family has borne soldiers for generations. I was read tales of strategy before bed.
I hope to learn much from you and your allies while here.
By capitalizing on an enemy's weakness, you shatter their morale. That is the key to victory.
Long ago, I was part of a march through the snow. We lost the road in the flurry, and nearly died.
Raised in the north as I was, I find these southern climes to be almost too hot.
Home Screen Portrait
There is no place for mercy on the battlefield.
A commander must never waver, for doing so can only bring unease in their subordinates.
I will never grow used to seeing my comrades fall.
I once believed that a soldier should obey orders without question, but now...
I know not if the justice I believe in is true. But I do not intend to make choices I will come to regret.
Collection Portrait
I typically don't abide wool-gathering in my soldiers, bot Joachim has proven himself a potent asset to our forces.
Noelle may lack confidence in speaking, but she is dedicated to her duty and there is nothing I value more.
Victor was... He was my commanding officer once upon a time. Beyond that? Nothing.
Soldiers only make it home by keeping their minds focused on victory. As commander, it is my goal to see them all survive.
Orders can only carry you so far. In the end, you must follow your own judgement.
Limited Lines
Halloween: Halloween. I suppose it doesn't sound too bad to trade my uniform for a spot of costume merriment.
New Year: Today marks the beginning of a new year. All troops, focus your energies and work tirelessly toward your objectives.
Anniversary Lines
2nd Anniversary: Two years of battle. Permit me to praise your efforts of this milestone.
3rd Anniversary: Three years of fighting at each other's side. The bonds you forged will one day form the foundation of the peaceful world you strive to create. Of that, I have no doubt.
At The Halidom
No part of the motherland enjoys the abundance you have here.
I almost can't fathom how many elite warriors have gathered here.
Shall I assist you in devising a strategy?
New Mana Circle Unlocked
This is nothing.
On Mana Circle Fully Unbound
My growth won't end here. I have someone to prove wrong.

Adventurer Story Episodes

Episode 1

The Nature of a Soldier

Please note that this story contains spoilers
for Victor's adventurer story.

North Grastaea - Misha Snowfield
Operation Smaragdus

120156 01 base portrait.pngSvenitlan Soldier 1The enemy mages aren't letting up! We can only hold them off for so long!

120156 02 base portrait.pngSvenitlan Soldier 2GAAAAAH! I-I NEED A MEDIC!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyPULL YOURSELVES TOGETHER!

120156 02 base portrait.pngSvenitlan SoldiersC-commander?!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyThose mages' mana will run dry before long, and they will be forced to make way for the forces coming up behind them.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyOur spies are already at work slowing that rear unit's arrival. So as soon as the mages are out of mana, we strike.

120156 01 base portrait.pngSvenitlan Soldier 1B-but what if we can't hold out that long?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyYou can either die here, soldier, or live to see your fiancée again.

120156 01 base portrait.pngSvenitlan Soldier 1I... I swore I would give her this ring! I have to survive!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyThen believe in my plan. We WILL win this battle.

120156 01 base portrait.pngSvenitlan Soldier 1Yes, Commander!

120156 01 base portrait.pngSvenitlan Soldier 3Their attacks are letting up!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyAll right—ALL UNITS, ADVANCE!

120044 01 base portrait.pngMage CommanderRrgh... We've lost the advantage. RETREAAAT! Join up with the rear unit!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyNot so fast!

120044 01 base portrait.pngMage CommanderUrk!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyYou can't beat us at close range. This battle is ours!

120156 01 base portrait.pngSvenitlan SoldiersRaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

120044 01 base portrait.pngMage CommanderNo... They've completely stolen the momentum!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyYou could never match the might of Svenitla.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyAnd we will make you rue the folly that made you try!

The military nation of Svenitla sits in one of
the coldest regions of North Grastaea, clashing
constantly with its neighbors over the continent's
limited natural resources.

Svenitla Royal Palace
Military Headquarters

120010 01 base portrait.pngGovernment OfficialHis Majesty is most pleased with your performance, Commander. It will no doubt bring prosperity to the nation.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyMm.

120010 01 base portrait.pngGovernment OfficialThe losses we suffered are negligible when one considers what was gained.

120010 01 base portrait.pngGovernment OfficialYou have proven yourself most capable indeed—unlike your peers.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyI am merely performing my duty, sir.

120010 01 base portrait.pngGovernment OfficialHeh. And modest as well. We trust you greatly, Commander. Few could achieve what you have with such sparse resources.

120010 01 base portrait.pngGovernment OfficialWar exists to bolster the economy. A soldier's job is to maximize profits with the minimum investment.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirsty...Forgive me, sir, but if that will be all, I have other business to attend to.

120010 01 base portrait.pngGovernment OfficialA feast is soon to begin in honor of your victory. Surely your business can wait until later?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyI am afraid it's a most pressing engagement.

120010 01 base portrait.pngGovernment OfficialDo you mean to suggest you have somewhere more important to be than at a feast with HIS MAJESTY?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyYes, sir. Very much so.

120010 01 base portrait.pngGovernment Official...She takes after him, all right.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyHe wanted very badly to give you this himself.

120018 01 base portrait.pngWomanNo... H-he promised we'd be married when he returned! He... He promised... *sob*

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyAs his commanding officer, I accept full responsibility. I am truly sorry.

120018 01 base portrait.pngWomanTell me... What did he die for?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyI...

120018 01 base portrait.pngWomanWhat did he give his life for?! Tell me!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimYour fiancé brought salvation to this country.

120018 01 base portrait.pngWomanWh-who are you?

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimI'm the commander's adjutant. Allow me to speak on her behalf.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimThe war we just fought secured our nation new land and natural resources. These will in turn make our home all the more prosperous.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimMany of our people are still mired in poverty, but your beloved's sacrifice will help lift them out.

120018 01 base portrait.pngWomanIs that...really true?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyYes. Please believe us.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyYour tongue is as silver as ever, Joachim.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimWhen it needs to be, yes. And when the alternative is a truth as ugly as the one we face, a little silver goes a long way.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimOur sacrifices mean nothing, in the end. The rich simply get richer.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimWe risk our lives time after time, fighting against all odds for a farcical cause. It's getting tiring.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyEnough, Joachim. As soldiers, our place is on the battlefield. Anything that follows is not our concern. Now, why are you here?

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimAh, right. We've got new orders in from HQ.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimThey want us to visit the Dyrenell Empire as emissaries, with the hope of forming a military alliance.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimAnd here's the kicker: to keep costs to a minimum, they're sending just the two of us. Alone.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyThat's the empire to the south with designs to expand, yes?

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimRight. And I don't know if you've heard, but they're pretty much the most evil force around these days.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyBe that as it may, we have our orders. Begin departure preparations at once. I will be along shortly.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimWhat will you be doing in the meantime?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyI want to linger here awhile. Alone.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyIf we can secure an alliance with Dyrenell, it should reduce the burden on our own military. That should mean fewer deaths.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyIt's an enticing proposition, but I can't help feeling some trepidation about journeying south.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyI had hoped to never see his face again...

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Episode 2

An Unexpected Reunion

Deep in the Lodyzhka Mountains that
separate North and South Grastaea...

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimWhoa! Never seen a bird like that up north.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyWe are not here for birdwatching, Joachim.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimWhat's the harm in taking in the sights? Call it "recon." This place is full of things we'd never see back home.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyTrue. The land grows greener the further south we travel.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyIf our homeland enjoyed this same bounty of nature, we would have no need for war.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimWhoa there, Commander, no need to wax philosophical. Just kick back and enjoy the birds' song, all right?

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachim...Hold on. That's no bird.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyJoachim! Get down!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimWhere did that log come from?!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyWe just walked into a trap—and a familiar one at that. It couldn't be...

Unknown.png???I must admit, I did not expect to see you here.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyVictor?!

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorIt has been some time, Kirsty. Or should I address you as Commander now?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyI would prefer you didn't address me at all, FORMER Commander.

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorI see. I take it you're irritated I chose to ignore my return orders?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyNo, that came as no surprise. You were never one for rules.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyBut disobeying a direct order is a violation of military law. I should have your head for that alone.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimEasy, Commander. No need for that.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyHe tried to kill us just moments ago, Joachim!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimCome on, I bet he was just trying to scare us. Right, Victor?

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorI'm afraid I had every intention to kill. I caught word that envoys to the empire would be passing through here, so I set a trap.

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorIf our war hawk of a homeland and the barbaric Dyrenell Empire were to join forces, the continent would be riddled with death and destruction.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyDon't let personal vendettas cloud your judgment, Victor. I know about your history with them.

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorI expected no less. But do you truly believe an alliance would be in anyone's best interests?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyOur nation is still weak. With the support of the Empire, expanding our reach would be much simpler.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyIt would mean longer lives for our comrades.

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorYour words are naught but petty idealism.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyDon't speak like you know what's best for our country. While you idled here, our comrades were dying for our nation!

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictor"For our nation"? You know as well as I that those wars are in the interest of the wealthy minority.

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorOur homeland has been rotten since our former king's passing.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstySo that's why abandoned Svenitla, is it? And now you impede this alliance to spite the king who demoted you.

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorNo. I simply found something I cared about here.

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorAnd any who threaten that will face the whole of my wrath—even my former comrades.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyA soldier's duty is to their nation, not their emotions.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyThat's why I...

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimDon't let him get to you, Commander.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirsty...Victor. As a former comrade, let me give you a warning.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyIf you impede us again, we will show no mercy.

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorWhy wait? Show me how your training has progressed.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimEasy, you two! Put away your weapons!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyStay out of this, Joachim. He won't back down. He's been that way since he was my instructor.

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorI may be unchanged, but the same cannot be said of you. You follow orders without pause, despite knowing how corrupt our nation's leaders are.

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorI had thought ten years enough for you to see clearly again, but it appears I was mistaken.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyI-I...

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorAnd I taught you better than to leave yourself open! HAH!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyBlast!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimUrgh!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyJoachim!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimHeh... Just made it. Are you hurt?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyNo... I'm all right.

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorSaved by your subordinate, eh? You may lack in moral fortitude, but you seem to at least be worthy of admiration.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimGive the insults a rest, Victor.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimIf you don't, I might have to kill you myself.

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorHah! Stow your fears, boy. I have no interest in pursuing this further. You are free to journey on.

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorIf my words alone can unsettle her, she is no threat to me.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirsty......

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorI have told you time and time again that an army represents power, not justice. One can only find justice within their own heart.

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorSo long as you ignore your own emotions, you will never achieve anything.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyVictor, wait!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyEven after you were demoted, you still obeyed any orders you were given.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyWhat did you find in the south to change you like this? What happened?

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictor...I just met some interesting people. That's all.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirsty...Right...

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Episode 3

Nightmare from 10 Years Ago

Imperial Territory
Hertz Village

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirsty......

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimLook, Commander. The owner of this village gave us some fresh fruit.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyI see. Place it there, then.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimSomething on your mind? Victor, perhaps?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyWhat a preposterous idea. Why should I give any thought to a traitor?

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimI know you've always looked up to him.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyWhen, exactly, did I say that?

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimYou didn't, but it's not hard to tell.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimThe two of you are polar opposites. If he believes something is right, he'll see it done—even it means punching a government official and getting demoted.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirsty*sigh* He needs to learn to act like he's in the military. A soldier...

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachim...Must always execute orders without question. I've heard that from you a thousand times.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimBut I don't think you believe it as strongly as you used to.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirsty......

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimYou should be more honest with yourself.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyA soldier acting for themselves can only lead to tragedy.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyThe incident ten years ago is proof enough of that.

Ten Years Earlier
A Town in Svenitlan Territory

120156 01 base portrait.pngMikhailWe've been ordered to retreat?! But that makes no sense!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyHQ has decided to give up on suppressing the insurgents for now.

120156 02 base portrait.pngVadimBut there are still civilians in the town! What will become of them?!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyUntil HQ officially declares their intent to abandon this land, they will have value as hostages. Our foes will keep them alive for the time being.

120156 01 base portrait.pngMikhailHow can you talk about them pieces on a BOARD?! Are you really okay with this?!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyNO! I'm not! But we are not equipped to fight a war of attrition.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyWe should retreat before we come under attack, and reorganize from a distance before striking again. That is the most logical course.

120156 01 base portrait.pngMikhailIt might be logical, but do you think it's RIGHT?

120016 01 base portrait.pngGirlMister Soldier, you have to help us!

120156 02 base portrait.pngVadimWhat is it? Are you all right?

120016 01 base portrait.pngGirlS-some scary people took my mommy and daddy... You gotta help them! Please!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyWe...

120016 01 base portrait.pngGirlPlease! Don't let those people hurt them!

120156 02 base portrait.pngVadim...Sorry, Kirsty. I'm gonna have to disregard those orders.

120156 01 base portrait.pngMikhailSo am I. I'd never forgive myself if I turned my back on a crying kid.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyPlease, don't do this! You'll be branded criminals!

120156 01 base portrait.pngMikhailIf that's the cost of doing what's right, then so be it.

120156 01 base portrait.pngVadim"One can only find justice within their own heart." That's what Victor always says, and he's right!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyI agree with you, I do. But now is not the time for this!

120156 02 base portrait.pngVadimGo ahead and lead the other soldiers out of here to regroup.

120156 01 base portrait.pngMikhailThen, when we wander along after, you can give us a proper scolding.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyBut...

120156 01 base portrait.pngMikhailShow us the way, kiddo!

120156 01 base portrait.pngVadimSee you on the other side, Kirsty!

In the end, both soldiers were captured during
the rescue effort. The girl was then used as
a hostage to extract information from them
about their unit.

In the resulting attack, Kirsty's unit was forced
to abandon the town. Its residents were
slaughtered without exception.

120010 01 base portrait.pngGovernment OfficialYour comrades were fools. Their inability to follow orders cost this nation greatly, never mind their own lives.

120010 01 base portrait.pngGovernment OfficialEntertaining individual whims can only lead to ruin. Remember that well.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirsty...Yes, sir.

From that point on, Kirsty resolved
to obey her orders without question.

For if her comrades had only done the same,
the tragedy that ensued could have been avoided...

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirsty...I must have dozed off. It's been some time since I had that dream.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyJoachim? Where are you?


110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyThat came from outside!

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Episode 4

Wavering Allegiance

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyJoachim, report! What's going on?!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimSome imperial soldiers came to town, and, well...

120015 01 base portrait.pngFemale VillagerOh, honey! Are you all right?!

120080 01 base portrait.pngPatrol CommanderHmph. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you! We won't tolerate any lip. Now pay up!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyAre they collecting taxes...?

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimIn a way. The people claim they've paid their dues already, but the soldiers aren't satisfied.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyThey're no better than bandits... Is this really how the Empire operates?

120080 01 base portrait.pngPatrol CommanderHo there! Haven't seen you two around these parts before.

120092 01 base portrait.pngInnkeeperThey're just passing travelers. They've been here one night, and they'll be on their way soon.

120080 01 base portrait.pngPatrol CommanderA one-night residency makes them liable for taxes! Now, hurry up and hand over your valuables!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimYou must be joking—

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyDo as he asks, Joachim.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimWhat? Shouldn't we at least try to explain why we're here?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyThese soldiers are just grunts. They wouldn't understand our mission even if we explained it.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyAnd starting trouble here will not aid our negotiations.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachim...As you wish. Here, sir. It's not much, but it's what we have.

120080 01 base portrait.pngPatrol CommanderBah. Useless. How did you fare?

120008 01 base portrait.pngImperial SoldierNot much better. I think we've squeezed all we can from this town.

120080 01 base portrait.pngPatrol CommanderI see. In that there! You're coming with us.

120019 01 base portrait.pngVillage YouthWh-what? Why?

120080 01 base portrait.pngPatrol CommanderOur unit is short on manpower. You'll make an excellent pack mule!

120021 01 base portrait.pngElderly VillagerBut sir, w-we need him to work the fields here.

120080 01 base portrait.pngPatrol CommanderWell, isn't that a pity?

120021 01 base portrait.pngElderly VillagerAaaah!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimWhoa there pal, take it easy!

120080 01 base portrait.pngPatrol CommanderYou'd best hold your tongue before I cut it from your mouth.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyPlease forgive my subordinate.

120080 01 base portrait.pngPatrol CommanderHmph. Keep your dog in line.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirsty(These soldiers are disgusting and completely unchecked. But for the sake of our mission, I have to let them go...)

110307 01 base portrait.pngVictorI have told you time and time again that an army represents power, not justice. One can only find justice within their own heart.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirsty(Get out of my head! I know the choice I'm making is just!)

120019 01 base portrait.pngVillage YouthLet go of me! LET GO!

120080 01 base portrait.pngPatrol CommanderGet a move on! I said—ow!

120017 01 base portrait.pngVillage BoyLET MY BROTHER GO, YOU MONSTERS!

120080 01 base portrait.pngPatrol CommanderMonsters, eh? You dare insult the proud soldiers of the Dyrenell Empire?!

120080 01 base portrait.pngPatrol CommanderIf you apologize right now, we might forgive you. ...Or we might not.

120017 01 base portrait.pngVillage BoyN-never! You ARE monsters! Big stinky dumb meanie MONSTERS!

120017 01 base portrait.pngVillage BoyYou lie to yourselves and say bad things are okay!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirsty...!

120080 01 base portrait.pngPatrol CommanderAll righty then. If you won't apologize, I guess there's only one thing for it! HAH!

120080 01 base portrait.pngPatrol CommanderWhat do you think you're doing?!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyI'm not sure, honestly.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyBut I can't let this continue. I am no coward.

120080 01 base portrait.pngPatrol CommanderYou'll see the noose for this, mark my words!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimNo chance!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimAhhh... That's better. I was just about ready to burst.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyHeh. I know the feeling.

120080 01 base portrait.pngPatrol CommanderKill them! KILL THEM WHERE THEY STAND!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimI think we've upset him. What shall we do?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyI fear we're left with only one choice.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyWe fight back! With me, Joachim!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimYes, ma'am! Stay back, everyone! Leave these jokers to us!

120019 01 base portrait.pngVillage YouthR-right!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimWe'll make you wish death had come sooner!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyRaaaaah!

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Episode 5

Surprising Heroes

Imperial Territory
The Forest Near Hertz Village

120081 01 base portrait.pngImperial CommanderThey must be here somewhere! Find them, and show them the might of the Empire!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyThey're almost in position... Now!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimRight!

120081 01 base portrait.pngImperial CommanderAre those... Logs?!

120080 01 base portrait.pngImperial SoldiersAAAAAH!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyThey're disoriented! Now's our chance!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimWhew... We managed to drive them back.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimBut we've been hiding in this forest for five days now. I'm starting to get sick of eating fruits and berries.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyStop complaining. Evading them would be trivial, but if we do that...

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimThey'll turn their anger on the people of Hertz for defying them in the first place.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyYes. Eventually, they will realize their continued pursuit here is only wasting resources.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyWe need to hold out until then, and keep drawing them into this forest in the meantime. Now, prepare the next round of traps.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimYes, ma'am! Right away, ma'am!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyWhat's got you so cheery? You didn't eat anything strange, did you?

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimHeh. I just still can't believe you cast our mission aside to help those villagers.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyYes... That may prove shortsighted. However...

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimWait, do you smell something burning?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyThey couldn't have...!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyThey're going to burn this whole forest down with us in it!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimThis is bad... We're surrounded by flames!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyWe have to be able to break through somewhere!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimNo dice—the flames are too strong! *cough* *cough*

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyBlast... Is this really the end?

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimWater magic?! Who did that?!

110019 01 base portrait.pngThanielKirsty and Joachim, right? We've been searching high and low for you.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyWho are you? You don't look like imperial soldiers...

110019 01 base portrait.pngThanielWe can make introductions later. For now, just know that we're here to help!

110001 01 base portrait.pngAlainWe've secured an escape route. Follow us!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimWhat should we do, Commander?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyWe don't have time to press them on their identity.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyWe'll just have to trust them. With me, Joachim!

110001 01 base portrait.pngAlainYou'll be safe here. There don't seem to be any imperials around.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyThank you both. We owe you our lives.

110019 01 base portrait.pngThanielIf anything, you owe those brothers back in Hertz. They asked us to help the travelers who saved them.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimThat was kind of them indeed—but if the imperial army thinks we got away, that whole village will be in danger.

110001 01 base portrait.pngAlainFret not! They have all retreated to the Halidom's lands.

110019 01 base portrait.pngThanielWith the soldiers caught up searching for you, we were able to lead the villagers to safety with ease.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyThe Halidom? Then you must be with the prince Noelle mentioned in her report.

110001 01 base portrait.pngAlainIndeed we are. Now, we should make a hasty retreat to the Halidom ourselves; this is still imperial territory.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyA party of this size would no doubt draw unwelcome attention. We're all wanted by the Empire at this point.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyWe should part ways here.

110019 01 base portrait.pngThanielWell... If you insist.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyWait! Before you leave, I have one question.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyYou are enemies of the Empire, yes? Why did you take the risk of entering their territory?

110019 01 base portrait.pngThanielOh, that's quite simple.

110001 01 base portrait.pngAlainThe Halidom doesn't turn its back on people in danger. That's just how we are!

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirsty...I see. That is admirable indeed.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimWhat should we do now, Commander?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyI think it's clear that an alliance with the Empire would not be in our country's best interests.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyIf their army's leaders are as wretched as their soldiers, they would no doubt betray us in time. We should return home to report as much at once.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimAgreed. A "breakdown in negotiations" sounds about right.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyYes. And when we're inevitably sent back to open talks again, I intend to visit the Halidom on the way.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimOh? Why is that?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyThe king may insist on allying with such an openly evil power, but I won't stand by and watch our home march itself to ruin.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyHowever, this journey has taught me that I still lack the knowledge necessary to fight for what is just.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyAnd if Victor is to be believed, the best place to gain it may be at the Halidom.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimI see. ...Hm?

110340 01 base portrait.png???......

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyAh, hello Noelle. Are you here with new orders from HQ?

110340 01 base portrait.pngNoelleN-no... Actually, I...

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyIt's all right. Just give me the message.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirsty...What?!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimWhat does it say?

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyIt' invitation. The sender claims to be recruiting rebels to help cleanse our nation of the corruption that has taken root there.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimYou can't mean...

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyA revolution, yes. Whoever wrote this says they only sent these invitations to those who "truly love our nation."

110340 01 base portrait.pngNoelle*nod* I-I gave one to Victor, too.

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimMm, and how did he respond?

110340 01 base portrait.pngNoelleHe... He pretended not to care. But I think deep down, he really cares a lot!

110350 01 base portrait.pngJoachimHmm. Well, either way, the timing is suspicious.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirstyAgreed. It's impossible to tell from this letter alone whether the sender is a well-intentioned patriot or simply hungry for the king's power.

110353 01 base portrait.pngKirsty...But I have every intention of finding out.

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